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Excerpted from Voyages Into the Unknown


Copyright: Bruce A. Moen, All Rights Reserved

Interspersed with the retrieval experiences there were some exercises in which I was introduced to new tools of perception by Guides that I met. Learning to use these tools carried my ability to perceive to levels I had previously only dreamed of. There were two Guides in particular whose gifts stood out in this group, Shee-un and White Bear. From Shee-un I learned a new method of perceiving the nonphysical world which brought dazzling, 3D, full color and sound displays. The technique he taught can be used by anyone to improve perception.

The method of nonphysical perception taught to me by Shee-un involved learning to perceive from a different location within my body. Instead of feeling my perception to be located in my head, I learned to perceive through a specific location in the center of my chest.

During one of the tape exercises I arrived in Focus 27 and asked for a Guide to assist me in doing a retrieval. The big, fuzzy ball of light that approached me identified itself as Shee-un and said it had something to show me. After I agreed to let him proceed I first became aware of a sense of pressure in the center of my chest. It was in the center of and about three inches down from the top of my rib cage. The sensation of pressure built up quickly and then began to feel warm. Shee-un explained, as this was happening, that he was showing me a place on my body on which I should focus my attention. As I focused there I had the sensation that my awareness became the shape and size of a golf ball. It was not hard like a golf ball, rather it was soft and fuzzy like a cotton ball. It had a mild, electric buzzing feeling to it, very soft and not the least bit uncomfortable. This soft, buzzing ball started out in my head. As I focused on the spot in my chest where I felt pressure and heat, the ball of my awareness moved downward. I could feel it as it moved from my head, down my neck, and into the spot in my chest. It almost felt like swallowing as the ball of awareness moved downward.

Following Shee-un's instructions to maintain my awareness in that spot I placed my intention on doing a retrieval. My perception opened and a small, dark, black swirl formed in the 3D blackness. I felt myself accelerating toward the swirl and then I entered it. In a moment I felt myself rushing through the 3D blackness at incredible speed. I broke out of it into the light, cruising along above a clearly visible countryside. I could see a carpet of deep green leaves below me as I flew perhaps a hundred feet above densely packed trees. It was a cloudy day and the trees looked so deep green and real I felt like I was I was watching a 3D movie. Before I realized what had happened a small castle or chateau came into view and went by below me. I was traveling so fast I must have gone another mile or so in the next few seconds. It took that long before I realized I had flown over the stone building and decided to turn around and go back to it. I turned in a long, upward sweeping arc in the sky and headed back in the direction I had come from. Before the castle came into view again I found myself standing in a room. It was a large bedroom with a huge canopy bed set up against the smooth stone block walls on my right. The walls were hung with oil paintings and tapestries Tall wooden posts at each corner of the bed held up the silken and lace fabrics of the canopy. Cord sashes were draped from post to post at their tops. It looked like a very, very expensive bed. I could clearly see a woman lying on her back on top of the bed coverings. She appeared to be sleeping in very fine clothes, a long ornately decorated dress, stockings and shoes. I could see her face through a thin white veil she was wearing. When I saw the position of her hands and arms, lying crossed at the wrists over her chest I realized she was not sleeping. She only thought she was sleeping. Actually she was dead.

As I stood there watching her, in full living color, I knew when she was alive she believed dying was like going into a sleep from which she would never awaken. That belief she had held to so firmly during her life was the reason she was now stuck in Focus 23. Nothing and no one had been able to penetrate that belief to inform her otherwise since she died.

"Just dreams," she had told herself when Helpers had come to try to reach and retrieve her. "Just dreams in my endless sleep."

She had been lying on that bed for hundreds of years ignoring the approach of everyone who came trying to help her. As I stood there looking at her I had no idea how to approach and awaken her. I had never come across a situation like this before and, like my first encounter with Bengie, I didn't know what to do. Fortunately for both of us I didn't have to wait long before help arrived. A door behind me and to my right burst open and slammed loudly against the stone wall. I turned to see what was happening and there was another woman, dressed in the apron and cap of a servant, standing in the open doorway. She was a plump woman with a ruddy face and the manners of a river barge. In the next instant I was suddenly pulled inside the body of this servant woman, waving my arms and raising my voice as I moved toward the woman lying on the bed. "My lady, my lady," I shouted with a loud, hurried urgency in my voice, "My lady, you must get up right away or you'll be late!"

At the loud, crashing boom of the door the woman's eyes had snapped open and the urgency in my voice had her stirring slowly on the bed. She wasn't sure what was going on. Still groggy from sleeping she felt a little disorganized and disoriented. The audacity of a maid disturbing her sleep, yelling at her so loudly, triggered thoughts of having the maid punished for her insolence. As the maid, I kept at her in a raised, irritating voice to focus her attention on me.

"My lady, you must hurry now," I shouted emphatically at her. I reached over and jostled her body lying on the bed. "My lady . . you . . must . . get . . out . . of . . that. . bed . . this . . instant or you are going to be late." Now she was feeling genuinely angry! She turned her head and looked at me through sneering, rage filled eyes. She was still somewhat dazed. She was confused about what it was she was going to be late for, but she was certain this maid must be punished for having the audacity to touch and jostle her so. I kept up my loud ranting, raving and hand waving until she was fully awake and standing on the floor beside the bed. She was positively furious at me. Fuming. Then I turned on my heel and headed for the door I had just come in. Just as I reached for the door to close it behind me I jumped, or rather was expelled, from the maid's body. I was left standing in the room as the maid left. The door slammed with the sound of a cannon behind her. The woman, still standing near the canopy bed, was just regaining her composure when another door opened, this time on my left. This one was opened with care, much more quietly then when the maid sent her door crashing into the wall. In the next instant I was catapulted into the body of the man walking through the opening doorway into the room.

"My dear. I am happy to see you are ready to leave," I said, with the voice of an old school-gentleman. "We haven't a moment to lose if we are to arrive on time."

As she stared at me I knew she recognized the man whose body I was in. I walked, rather ceremoniously, toward her and extend my arm. Still confused as to where we were going in such a hurry the woman took my arm and we walked out the doorway and into a hall. The hallway was on the second floor and open to a high ceiling foyer all along one side. We strode together a short distance down the open hallway to a huge, curved stone stairway leading down to the main floor of the foyer. There were two of these stairways, mirror images of each other, both leading from opposite ends of the same second floor hallway down to the main floor. We took the stairway on the right side of the doorway we had used to exit the bedroom. We walked slowly down the stairs to the main floor and outside through two, huge, wooden doors at the base of the stairs. The doors must have been at least twelve feet high and there were two servants, doorman I supposed, standing there as we walked through the doorway. The view outside was spectacular.

A wide stone stairway, at least twenty feet across led from the main floor of the castle or chateau to a roadway in about eight or ten steps. I could clearly see a horse drawn carriage waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. The driver was seated in front of the carriage holding the reins of two horses who were standing quietly. The road or driveway was in the shape of a "U". The carriage was parked, waiting at the bottom of the "U" and the legs of the "U" extended off into the distance for a quarter of a mile that I could see. A garden of flowers and shrubs filled the inside of the U-shaped driveway and on the outside of the driveway tall, fully leafed trees lined the roads.

With my lady still holding my arm with her right hand we descended the stairs and approached the carriage. I reached for the handle, opened the door and assisted her into the back seat. I stepped up inside, closed the door, and sat down beside her on her left. I felt the carriage jerk slightly as the driver coaxed the horses into taking up the load and moving. I could hear the jingling sound of metal chains that were part of the horse's harness and the sound of their hooves meeting the ground. I engaged the woman in conversation, distracting her from the fact that we only went about twenty yards down the road before the scenery changed.

The carriage was now moving over smooth, short cropped grass that covered a vast open field. We were headed toward a group of people standing on our right, perhaps thirty yards away. They were all dress up in party clothes that could have been worn by local royalty in the middle fourteen hundreds. I don't know much about such clothes, the period could have been earlier or later. The men wore white wigs, tight pants and fine jackets with wide lapels over ruffled white shirts. The women wore dresses that were low cut, tight at the waist, with puffy sleeves ending just above the elbow. Their dresses spread out so far at the bottom they must have had hoops in them to maintain that shape. As I looked over the crowd in the distance I became alarmed at seeing the man standing nearest our approaching carriage. He looked exactly the man whose body I had been pulled into back in the bedroom of the castle. I was worried the woman sitting next to me would realize there were two of us in this scene and fall back into the only explanation, a dream.

This small detail was taken care of just as she saw him standing there and started turning her head to look at me sitting next to her. Before she had finished turning to look at me sitting there beside her I disappeared into thin air and jumped forward into the body of the carriage driver. A bit confused, she looked for several moments at the empty seat next to her. From my vantage point in the drivers seat I heard the man call to her as he reached to open the carriage door.

"My dear, it's so wonderful to see you here. Let me help you step down out of the coach and you can join our party," he said as he opened the door. Several others called out to her and waved, inviting her to join them. Several of these others were people she recognized. I sat quietly, looking straight ahead, holding the reins until she was out of the carriage and walking away with the group toward the party. Then I drove the carriage out of sight over a small hill and moved out of the body of the driver. The scene faded to blackness and I felt myself moving through it, heading back to my place in Focus 27. When I arrived Shee-un was there waiting for me. "Bruce, you must practice the movement of your awareness from your head to the spot I have shown you in the center of your chest until you are called back to C-1 by Bob's voice on the tape. Feel it as it moves down to that spot and then let it move back up into your head. Repeat this as many times as you can before you must go back. It is most important to feel it as it moves from one location to another. Remember this technique I have shown you. Use it as often as you can as a means of perception in your exploration. It is a useful tool of perception in any reality."

I followed Shee-un's instructions and practiced feeling the movement of my awareness from one location to the other and then back again. It seemed like a rather odd thing to be doing, but the results of having used this method the first time were rather spectacular. Hard to argue with such amazing results. I continued to practice this method off and on during the remainder of the Lifeline program. I was experimenting with and practicing so many different things I couldn't always remember to do them all each time I entered a tape exercise. But focusing on the Shee-un spot, as I later called it, is still a method I use today three and a half years later. It is very effective.