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Prove the Afterlife is Real

Not so many years ago most people believed the earth was flat. None holding that belief ventured too far out to sea for fear of sailing off the edge and falling into the great abyss of death. Lacking knowledge of what existed beyond the horizon, most people lived lives limited by their acceptance of beliefs held by the culture of their time. Curiosity drove a few to sail beyond the horizon to discover that the edge most everyone feared had only existed within their beliefs.

In present day culture most people still fear sailing beyond the horizon of life over the edge we call death. That's what the Exploring the Afterlife workshops are about, learning to sail beyond the boundaries set by our culture's fear of death to find the Truth.

The first step to finding that truth is proving to yourself through your own direct experience that our afterlife is real. No amount of evidence gathered by anyone else can ever really prove it to you. Their evidence will always leave room for doubt. Once you've proven to yourself the Afterlife exists you can begin taking the next steps to discover more of the truth of our existence beyond the physical world.

The two-day Exploring the Afterlife workshop teaches a simple system of concepts, techniques and exercises hundreds of people have used to prove to themselves our afterlife is real. They've gone on to explore our afterlife more deeply, gathering afterlife knowledge of their own.

The two-day Partnered Exploration workshop teaches advanced exploration techniques. Two or more people explore together nonphysically and compare notes afterwards. Seeing their own nonphysical experience reflected in their partner's notes gives a measure of verification for their experience.

While this may sound too fantastic to be true all you need do is read some of the posts on the Conversation Board to see some of the evidence others are gathering through their own experience. Or you might read some of the Comments of folks who've attended a workshop.

I'm fond of saying that exploring our afterlife is so easy that the hardest thing to do is to believe you are doing it. I invite you to explore this website and share your questions and experience on the Conversation Board. And when you're ready, I hope to meet you in a workshop some day.