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All members agree to abide by the following to obtain and keep posting privileges.

By posting on the forums on this website you agree to abide by the Posting Rules & Guidelines and be bound by the Banning Policy herein disclosed, and to any future revisions to them, and you understand that violations may lead to revocation of your posting privileges without warning or explanation.

These Website Posting Guidelines are subject to change. The only notification of such changes will be by posting of the revised Guidelines on the forum. (Last updated: January 12, 2010)

You have the ability, as you register, to choose your screen name, username/nickname. With this user account you are about to register, you agree to never give your password out to another member. You also agree to NEVER use another member's account, screen name, username or nickname to post messages. Using another member's account, screen name, username or nickname may lead to immediate and permanent banning without notification or warning.

After you register and log in you can fill out a detailed profile. Any information deemed inaccurate or vulgar will be removed. Any image files you use in your profile must be kept small as large file sizes slow down the system for some members Maximum allowable image file size: 5K. Files deemed to be too large may be removed without notification or warning.

Stay on topic, off topic posts will be removed or moved to the Off Topic Forum without warning or notification.
Use a consistent screen name/nickname
It is a violation subject to banning to post any message that is:
Profane; vulgar; or obscene
Bullying; threatening; abusive; or harassing
Demeaning; mocking; defamatory; libelous; or hateful
An attack upon the beliefs of individuals or groups
A personal attack on another member or public figure
Racially or ethnically objectionable
Spamming; a chain letter; or a copyright infringement
Advertisement or solicitation for products and/or services
Private information (postal addresses, phone #'s, etc.)
Re-transmission of messages, to or from this board
That may be construed as invasive of another's privacy
Otherwise in violation of ANY law

Keep your registered email address current. This is done by entering your current, active email address to your profile. If the Staff sends an email to your registered email address, and it is returned as undeliverable, you may be banned until you supply your current, active email address to the staff at

The Staff assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the content of any posted messages or material. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented. Posted messages express only the views of the posting author.

The Staff has sole discretion to move or remove any messages deemed inappropriate without warning or explanation.

To further our goal of keeping these forums pleasant, safe places to visit and share your experiences and questions the Staff asks for your help in enforcing the Posting Guidelines & Rules. Please consider using the Peer Moderator system to help us locate suspected violations. The number of daily posts preclude the possibility that the Staff can read them all and that is where you can help. Click the Peer Moderator link at the bottom of any forum page for more information, or to notify the Staff via email of suspected posting violations.

Violation of these posting guidelines will lead to revocation of your posting privileges (banning). The duration of the ban depends on the severity of the violation and the number of previous bans. If your ban is not lifted on schedule you must email a reinstatement request to the Staff at

First and/or minor violation: 7-day ban
Second and/or moderate violation: 15-day ban
Third and/or serious violation: 30-day ban
Fourth or more violations: 3-month ban
Posting while banned: permanent ban

Your IP address is recorded each time you post should banning or contacting your ISP become necessary. The Staff reserves the right to reveal any information we have about you in the event of legal action arising from any post by you.


This is a discussion board. Thread topics must be designed for discussion and allow for anyone to engage, share, ask questions, and discuss. You may not use a thread as a way to keep an online personal blog, diary, memoir, your short stories, poems, etc. Replies should remain on topic.

Unwanted or unsolicited persuasion toward another member to your beliefs or point of view is not allowed.

If you are not interested in the thread topic in the nature in which it is presented, you must be respectful to those who are by not engaging in persuading or dissuading, changing the nature of the conversation, hijacking, arguing, or trolling.

Sharing one's beliefs, techniques, advice, and suggestions must be given in the nature of the discussion of the thread topic or its subsequent comments and questions.

Hounding and trailing another member especially for the sake of opposing them is not allowed.

Preaching, admonishing, ranting, monologues, and lectures are not allowed.

Photos and images are not allowed to preserve space on the server.

Please have a good reason for deciding to reply to a thread that has not had activity for a long time. It's not appropriate to reply to very old threads because many members are no longer active on this site and they will not see or respond to your comment. The Admin may move your comment to begin a new thread if necessary. Very inappropriate comments will be deleted.

No use in any way of disparaging words, comments, beliefs, or implications that are disrespectful of Bruce Moen, his work, writings, experiences, teachings, The Disk, beliefs, or what they stand for, as well as for Robert Monroe, TMI, Retrievals, Afterlife exploration, or anything related thereof. This also applies to any one person or group. The Reason: This is a topic which has proven to cause endless arguing and debate that degrades and diverts from original posts and conversations. This Conversation Board was created by Bruce Moen in the spirit of discussing and sharing of experiences and afterlife exploration as well as his work and teachings, and is open for others to learn, share, and explore, and it is simply disrespectful to mention any beliefs, feelings, or points of view that are blatantly opposing or against him and what he stands for. Everyone is welcome to share their opinions, beliefs, and personal experiences but without disparaging statements used for the sake and sole purpose of starting a topic of discussion based on opposing or challenging what Bruce Moen, his work, or his site stands for, and this includes for use of segueing and supporting your own beliefs. Simply put, find a way not to be offensive if you wish to discuss opposing views and experiences.

Any topics or mention that states or implies that another person's beliefs, experiences, or teachings were controlled, deceived, or influenced by demons, Satan, or other beings or are delusions or evil, and otherwise any use of these terms and their terminology and meanings used specifically or imply, or which may be interpreted as to disparage another person and what they stand for is prohibited. If it is necessary to mention such specific words, it must be pertinent and not for the reason of stating, implying, or questioning the validity of another person's perception, mental state, ability, spiritual advancement, education, intention, and soul purpose, or comparing one belief to another. The Reason: These terms are trigger words which have proven to cause endless arguing and debate that degrades and diverts from original posts and otherwise good conversations, and due to their varying interpretive meanings cause some people or groups to feel their beliefs and experiences are being disparaged.

Any mention of accusing or implying that another poster has hidden agendas, or interpreting how they really feel, what they really mean or believe, what they stand for, and what their intention may be, or trying to expose their identity in any way for any purpose is prohibited. The Reason: This is a personal attack and a violation of privacy and will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, experiences, and opinions and no one should be accused or judged for them or what they may or may not believe or think.

All religion-based thread topics will be posted in the Discussion of Religion Forum. This includes any thread or topic with the sole purpose and intention of quoting or discussing the Bible, Jesus, or any religion, including relating these topics and content to retrievals or afterlife beliefs and exploration. Any thread where any of the comments turn into discussion of religion, religious-based theories and beliefs, and related content thereof will be moved when appropriate. As stated in the Posting Guidelines, proselytizing is prohibited. The Reason: To allow a designated forum for sharing and engaging in discussion about these topics.

Threads created to discuss the works, quotes, beliefs, and experiences, of any author or teacher are to be placed in this forum. The Reason: To allow a designated forum for sharing and discussing these types of topics.

The Off-Topic Forum was designed as a place for the moderator to move posts that are off-topic and may be subject to deletion for violating the posting guidelines. Members can use this forum as a "chat room" of miscellaneous topics as long as posting guidelines and rules are followed. Abuse of this forum is prohibited. The Reason: Off-topic doesn't give members permission to intentionally break the posting guidelines and rules by using it as a free-for-all outlet for arguments, rants, and personal attacks of other members.