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Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook,

A Manual for The Art of Retrieval
& Afterlife Exploration

Volume 5 of the Exploring the Afterlife Series

By: Bruce A. Moen

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A Message from the Author

My own explorations have proven to me, beyond all doubt, that we exist before birth and beyond death. Ever since I began experiencing the life changes that result from having this knowledge, it has been my dream to share it with as many of my fellow human beings as possible. This book and the accompanying exercise CD set are the latest and best fulfillment of that dream.

Everything in this book has been tested and proven in 2-day workshops taught around the world since 1998. Throughout the years of developing this workshop some of its useful concepts, techniques and exercises were removed in order to teach just the basics within the limitations of a 2-day format. Writing this book eliminates the limitation of time, and so it contains everything I've ever taught in the Exploring the Afterlife Workshop.

You no longer have to take anyone else's word for the Truth about our afterlife. You can learn to use what this book teaches to find the Truth for yourself through your own, direct experience.

The Quest for Afterlife Knowledge

Since we first existed as small bands of cave dwellers every
human civilization has pondered these great mysteries . . .

Where were you before you were born?
What is the purpose of your life?
Where will you go when you die?

Afterlife Knowledge is a key to understanding. Throughout time our religions have claimed to know the Truth of the great mystery of our afterlife. If our religions have the Truth why is there so much conflict between the truths of different religions? Modern science has been no help in solving this great mystery since it claims the Afterlife cannot be proven to exist. After thousands of years of pondering, for most of the nearly seven billion inhabitants of our planet, the great mystery of our afterlife remains unsolved.

This Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook is not the author's answer to the mystery of our afterlife. Rather, it is a simple system of concepts, techniques and exercises taught since 1998 in his workshops in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and Europe. Thousands of people have successfully learned this simple system to solve the great mystery of our afterlife for themselves.

Everything taught during the two-day workshop is covered in this Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook. A set of audio CDs with all of the exercises recorded in the author's voice is also available. Written scripts are included for those who desire to make their own exercise recordings. You no longer need to take anyone else's word for the Truth about our afterlife. Now you can learn to explore our afterlife through your own direct experience and find the Truth for yourself.

Imagine how your life will change when you know beyond all doubt that our afterlife truly exists and that you are an eternal being, a being who never dies.

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Contents from the Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook

The Art of Retrieval
How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: A Concept of Consciousness
Chapter 2: Trust
Chapter 3: Hemi-Sync Model of Consciousness
Chapter 4: State Specific memory
Chapter 5: Relaxation As a State of Consciousness
Chapter 6: Energy Gathering
Chapter 7: Affirmations
Chapter 8: Placing Intent
Chapter 9: Doubt
Chapter 10: The Belief Factor
Chapter 11: Beliefs & Identity
Chapter 12: Changing & Eliminating Beliefs
Chapter 13: The Perceiver & The Interpreter, Components of Consciousness
Chapter 14: Interpreter Overlay, The Root of Inaccuracy
Chapter 15: Guidance, A Useful Tool
Chapter 16: Heart Intelligence
Chapter 17: Gathering Energy from Above
Chapter 18: Love & Fear
Chapter 19: Projecting Love Energy
Chapter 20: The Preparatory Process

Chapter 21: A Map of the Afterlife Territory

Chapter 22: A Review of Exploration Techniques
Chapter 23: Focused Attention For Exploration
Chapter 24: Imagination as a Means of Perception
Chapter 25: Focusing Attention Through Your Nonphysical Senses
Chapter26: Shifting your Focus of Attention to Other Realities
Chapter 27: Helpers

Chapter 28: The Art of Retrieval
Chapter 29: The Retrieval Process
Chapter 30: First Retrieval Exercise
Chapter 31: Focus 23 Retrieval Examples
Chapter 32: Belief System Territory Retrieval Exercise
Chapter 33: Belief System Territory Retrieval Examples
Chapter 34: Visiting or Retrieving a Specific Deceased Person
Chapter 35: Visiting or Retrieving a Specific Deceased Person Examples
Chapter 36: Retrieving an Aspect of Self
Chapter 37: Participant Experiences of Retrieving an Aspect of Self

Chapter 38: Seeing It Not There & Black Stuff
Chapter 39: Releasing Picked Up Emotional Energies
Chapter 40: The 3D Blackness
Chapter 41: The Flying Fuzzy Zone

Chapter 42: Partnered Exploration
Chapter 43: Resources
About the Author
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