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March 2003
By Bruce Moen
In this issue:
World Trade Center Retrieval Experience with Verification

The Helper's Role in Retrieval

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  • Scheduled Workshops
  • Personal Appearances:
  • Toward making more workshops available
  • New Workshop Form
  • Updated Workshop Hosting Guidelines Page
  • Workshop Price Reduction
  • Workshops LIVE Audio Cassette Tapes
  • Workshops LIVE Audio Tapes
  • What's in a workshop?
  • Retrieval Base Exploration, The Helper's Role in Retrieval
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  • Next Month's Participant Experiences: Retrievals from the Belief Systems Territories

    Scheduled Exploring the Afterlife Workshops
    Mars' workshop in Denver, CO, May 3-4, 2003 Contact Mars at to get details and make your reservation.

    John's workshop in Austin, TX, mid-May, 2003 Contact Bruce at Bruce to express your interest in this forming workshop.

    Scheduled Partnered Exploring Workshops
    Joe Meboe is considering hosting this workshop in the Seattle area later this year. You can use the new form , described below, to let Joe know you might be interested in attending his workshop.

    New Mountain Retreat, 6-day Workshop
    Tentatively scheduled for Summer 2003.
    This workshop combines both the Exploring the Afterlife and Partnered Exploration into a single workshop in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. I've wanted to do a week long workshop in a such a marvelous setting for quite a while, and this will be the first one. Accommodations and meals will be included in the price of this workshop and I'm presently working on arranging for a facility. My target is for a week in July, 2003 and if you'd like to attend I'll need know soon. If you're interested in attending please go to the new form , described below, to be kept informed as this workshop comes together.

    Personal Appearances:
    None presently scheduled

    Toward making more workshops available
    A quick check of the Workshop Interest page at the website shows there are lots of folks who would like to host a workshop, and lots of folks who'd like to participate in one. In the past scheduling a workshop has been a sort of chicken-or-the-egg situation. Potential workshop hosts would like to know they'll have enough participants (about nine) to cover the costs of a workshop before actually scheduling one at their location. And, potential workshop participants would like to know the nearest location of upcoming workshops, to reduce their travel costs before committing to attend one. Thanks to Joe Meboe, host of the recent Seattle workshop, there will now be an easier way for these to groups of folks to get together.

    Joe created an easy to fill in form you can use to have your name and location entered into a secure database. The Afterlife Knowledge staff will then be able to use the database to group potential workshop hosts and participants by location. This new tool will make it easier to provide more workshops. A big thanks to Joe Meboe.

    As folks volunteer to host a workshop their first name and location, usually in or near a major city, they will be added, on a first-come-first-serve basis, to the list of potential workshops on the new form. To protect everyone's privacy all inquiries regarding these potential workshops will be received at and then forwarded by me to the volunteer host. The host and all those interested in attending their workshop can then work together reach the minimum number of participants needed to schedule the workshop.

    New Workshop Form
    If you think you might ever be interested in hosting or attending a future workshop please take a few moments right now to go to the new form fill it out, and submit it for entry into the database. It will only take a minute an by submitting the form you'll be kept informed of potential workshops near where you live.

    Updated Workshop Hosting Guidelines Page
    If you think you might like to host a workshop, but aren't sure how to go about it, check out the updated hosting guidelines page I've updated the page taking into account the latest experiences of workshop hosts. If you have questions that aren't answered by the information on that page please email them to me at Hosts attend the workshop free in exchange for handling some of the logistics of putting it on. And, I usually stay in the home of the host to reduce costs and give us a chance to visit and chat.

    Workshop Price Reduction
    To make workshops more affordable I've rolled the price back. The price for attending workshops is now 250 $US for those who pay their 50 $US deposit at least two weeks before the workshop date275 $US for later deposits. Both workshop deposits and fees can now be paid for using a secure credit card payment system via

    Workshops LIVE Audio Cassette Tapes
    I'm so pleased to see that so many folks who have never attended the workshop are successfully using these audiotape sets and posting their retrieval and exploration experiences on the Conversation Board at the website. One of these posts told the story of retrieval of a fireman from the World Trade Center Towers area. This retrieval brought the explorer verification that his experience was real, and comfort to the fireman's friends and family.

    What's in a Workshop?
    To let you know some of the things participants learn in my workshop I've added this section to this newsletter. Each month I'll talk a little about what's in a workshop. This month my topic is:

    Retrieval Base Exploration, The Helper's Role in Retrieval
    Helpers, you might call them Guides, Angels, or some other name, are just like you and me in that they've lived physical lifetimes. After death some people develop a strong desire to be of service to others, and some of these become Helpers. One question folks often ask me is, How do I know if the nonphysical person I'm with is a Helper or not? I have two rules I use to answer that question for myself. First, if the nonphysical person EVER attempts to get me to do something I don't want to do, especially by using fear, that person is not a Helper and not someone I'd chose to work with. Second, if the nonphysical person EVER attempts to get me to believe something other than what I already believe, that person is not a Helper and not someone I'd chose to work with.

    The Helpers I'm talking about in this article are folks who cruise Focus 23 looking for opportunities to retrieve those who've become stuck after death. Often Helpers are successful in doing this. Sometimes they are not. When Helpers successfully make contact with those stuck in a place like Focus 23, the Helper retrieves that person to a better place, usually Focus 27. Sometimes when Helpers are unable to make such contact this can be the beginning of the role in retrievals we physically living people participate in. Essentially, the even though the Helper is unable to make contact and retrieve the stuck person, the Helper now knows where this person is located. Also, in the attempts to retrieve a stuck person the Helper will have learned much about why this person is stuck, and what approaches might succeed in a retrieval. This knowledge on the part of the Helper can be the beginning of the Helper's role in a retrieval one of us physicals might participate in.

    During the retrieval process that I teach, when we ask for a Helper to come who will guide us to a person needing retrieval, the Helper who comes probably has a backlog of stuck folks to chose from. In each of these cases the Helper has already evaluated the stuck individual's situation and probably determined the retrieval approaches with the best chance of success. You might wonder, as I have, what criteria the Helper uses to select the person we'll be guided to retrieve. I've found that there are many factors involved.

    With intimate knowledge of the stuck person and situation, and knowledge of our individual capabilities, the Helpers acts as something akin to a matchmaker. The Helper will select the person we are to retrieve based a best match between the retriever and the stuck person. For example, if we're just beginning to learn about retrievals the Helper will probably select a stuck person who will be relatively easy for us to make contact with and retrieve. If you're the kind of person who is really good with children the Helper might select a child as the person you will retrieve. If you have knowledge about medieval cultures and people, the Helper might select someone from that era. Each time we work with Helpers to perform a retrieval the Helper will also, in my experience, include something I'd call a stretch factor. In other words, the Helper will attempt to assist us in learning more about how retrievals are done and in learning more about our human afterlife existence. These stretch factors are usually subtle, learning by doing experiences. An example coming from my own early experience was retrieving a little boy named Benji.

    After my first few relatively simple retrievals the Helper guided me to Benji. I found him standing on a sidewalk waiting for his parents. But when I tried to retrieve him Benji refused to go anywhere with me because his parents had taught him to never go with a stranger. My first attempt to retrieve Benji was a dismal, heartbreaking failure. No matter what I said to him he refused to leave the place that I found him. In discussing this failure with other retrievers it was suggested that if I encountered such a situation again I might try to use the boy's religious training as an approach to retrieving him. Someone else suggested that children love to fly and that I might try to use this as well. Weeks later I again attempted to retrieve Benji and succeeded. I told him I was an angel and proved it to him by flying through the air right in front of him. When I offered to take him flying with me, Benji readily agreed to come along. When we arrived in Focus 27 we were met by an uncle Benji recognized. The stretch factor here was learning that religious beliefs could be used as a tool of retrieval as well as offering to take stuck folks, particularly children flying. With each succeeding retrieval I discovered that Helpers always throw in a stretch factor. Sometimes I'd figure it out on my own; sometimes I'd remember to ask the Helper for assistance in figuring out the best approach for the retrieval. And with each retrieval the number of tools in my retrieval kit grew.

    Often, the stretch factor has more to do with pointing out beliefs I hold that are limiting my perception and abilities. Helpers sometimes select the person we are to retrieve knowing that our interaction with the stuck person has the potential to bring such beliefs to our awareness. Almost never will a Helper say something like, for example, today we're going to do a retrieval to teach you about how your beliefs regarding Heaven and Hell are affecting your perception. Instead, the Helper seems to guide us into an experience and let us learn the lesson, or not. If asked the Helper will usually provide clues, but direct questions are usually responded to on the part of the Helper with questions intended to help us learn the lesson through our experience, not by taking on the Helper's beliefs.

    So, once the Helper has selected the person we are to retrieve, what's the next role the Helper plays in the retrieval? The Helper guides us to where that person is, it's sort of like that old Greyhound Bus commercial that said, "You can leave the driving to us." Once we arrive in this person's vicinity we then begin the process of making contact, joining into the person's reality, and gathering information. At any point in this part of the retrieval process the Helper is standing by to provide any assistance we might require. And if you're like me it's easy to get so involved in the process that I if often forgot I could ask the Helper for assistance. After we've made contact, joined the person's reality, and gathered some information it's time for the Helper to perform his or her next role in the retrieval, taking the person to a better place. Since the person is able to see and hear us, we can introduce the Helper to the person in whatever way is appropriate. Once the person is aware of the Helper's presence the retrieval is a foregone conclusion. This introduction that we are able to provide is what the Helper has needed all along to retrieve the person. And it also begins the next role of the Helper for us as afterlife explorers. When the Helper takes the person to a better place we follow the Helper There to find out where the person goes, what happens when they arrive, who might be waiting to greet them, and where they might go and what they'll do after that.

    After the Helper has retrieved the person to a better place there is one more role the Helper can play in our retrieval. I guess I'd call this role, furthering our education. At some point after retrieving the stuck person the Helper's role with that person is completed. At this point we can ask the Helper to clarify aspects of the retrieval we might have questions about. We can also ask the Helper to guide us to other afterlife or other nonphysical destinations. Want to explore or know something more about our afterlife existence? Just ask the Helper to guide you. And be prepared for this guidance to be another learning experience peppered with new information, new understandings, and stretches, all along the way.

    World Trade Center One Year Later: Retrieval Experience with Verification
    The following retrieval experience was posted to the Conversation Board by Jeff on October 08, 2002
    Hi Guys,
    Obviously, as those who know me on this Board know, this isn't my first retrieval ever. But this is the first time I was able to get verifiable information. About three weeks ago at work I suddenly started talking about doing retrievals. It's so odd because I usually don't discuss this at work. I've talked about channeling and my colleagues know I'm into non-traditional spiritual stuff. But I guess I didn't want to appear too off-the-wall so the retrieval stuff doesn't get mentioned.

    Anyway, as soon as I started talking, one of the secretarie got really interested. She told me about a friend, Christopher, a fireman who'd died in the World Trade Center. Apparently strange things were going on in his home. The guy was a lead guitarist in a band. His parent's were going a little nuts because they could hear guitar music playing in the house. Even my co-worker, Angelica, could hear it whenever she visited. The other thing was that the doorbell kept ringing and nobody would be at the door.

    Angelica asked if I could look in on Christopher to see what was going on. Everybody, including myself, was sure he was playing the guitar and ringing the doorbell.

    Angelica told me that Christopher had only been a fireman for 8 months before he died and had rushed into one of the twin towers, along with a lot of his buddies, just minutes before it collapsed. Interestingly enough, nearly months afterward they found his body in the rubble. It was one of the few cases where an entire body was found intact.

    She also told me he was a mama's boy, very close to his mother. His parent's were extremely upset about his death and, added to that the unusual sounds in their home were also in therapy. I asked Angelica not to tell me anymore about Christopher or his family because I didn't want whatever information I got to be influenced. But I was very nervous because heretofore I've only done retrievals brought to me by Helpers. This was the first time I'd get a chance to "prove" whether I was making this up or not. Admittedly, the fact that I might get everything wrong had me scared sh*tless.

    Then to make matters worse, a week later Angelica told me about her sister's mother-in-law who'd died suddenly in a car wreck. She wanted me to check on her too. Great! Now I had two people to check on! So I did what I usually do . . . I procrastinated for two more weeks. On Sunday evening, I got the strong sensation to lie down and attempt a retrieval. I got the feeling I'd do both that day.

    I decided to start by totaling relaxing every muscle in my body. I imagined a cool blue light that does started at the top of my head and went slowly down my body. This took maybe twenty minutes. Then I started the energy gathering breaths. Eventually I moved into Bruce's new energy gathering technique which, by the way, is amazing.

    I heard Jane Preston, the guide I've worked with a lot on the inner planes, calling me to my place in Focus 27. I followed her voice and sat at the table on my patio. As usually she had a pot of tea and poured me a cup. I drank it feeling the heat as it went down my throat. The taste was rose hips with a bit of honey. Jane often has me imagine drinking or smelling or tasting as fully as possible. These exercises help develop my inner senses.

    We talked about my growth and some things that were coming up for me. She said many changes were coming in my life and that it was important for me to keep up with my energy work. This would help me adjust more easily to the changes. Some of the changes centered around my job. But I'll also be moving again (I just moved at the beginning of September!).

    She told me Hassan, a Helper and apparent colleague when I'm between lives, would be taking over for the retrieval. It often happens that I'll meet with Jane who'll introduce me to the guide actually helping with the retrieval. She often is like a coordinator who briefs me on creating things, introduces me to certain people and leaves me with them, and then returns for another private discussion. Hassan then came to my patio garden. Jane seemed to have disappeared. I also sensed many other people, men in firemen's outfits. But I really couldn't see them. Hassan explained that most of the people present knew Christopher. Some were friends and/or colleagues who'd died along with him on 9/11; others were guides on the inner planes. Hassan said I'd be a part of the rescue mission.

    Hassan briefed me on Christopher's situation, basically repeating what Angelica told me. As he spoke I heard music with lots of guitar. Hassan told me to focus on the music to help me travel to where Christopher was. We arrived and I saw a man with a seventies type haircut. His hair was blonde but then it changed. I wondered if that meant that he dyed his hair or changed styles often. But now, after corroborating with Angelica, I realize that it was my own focus wobbling. I saw Christopher's mother in the kitchen at the stove and his father sitting at the table reading the newspaper. She was starting to fix dinner. Christopher walked up to her unseen and started telling her what he wanted for dinner. At the same time his mother was talking to his father asking him what he wanted. Neither saw Christopher. Then I noticed some energy knots in his mother's belly. I kept thinking grief was in her womb which was a weird thought to me. Anyway the parents seemed sad which was to be expected. But from time to time a part of their subconscious threw a word or two to Christopher. I think he held on because at some levels the parents were communicating with him. As I watched Christopher, Hassan explained how he got stuck. He rushed into one of the towers just before it collapsed. He died instantly. His essence energy separated from his body suddenly and was unconscious. However, because of his parent's grief and shock, and the fact that he was very close to his mother (mama's boy, as Angelica had put it), his essence drifted back toward his home instead of to Focus 27. Essentially Christopher floated back home and woke up in his bed. Because of the nature of his death he was sort of in a half-dreamlike state. He was confused about his parent's ignoring him but kind of accepted it because he wasn't fully aware.

    As Hassan talked I instantly knew that I was to enter the scene as a brush salesman. It seemed like an odd choice. But whenever I thought of others it kept coming back. So I went along with it.

    I materialized at the front door as a Caucasian man (I'm African-American) wearing thick, dark-rimmed glasses, a hat and a gray suit. I carried a briefcase full of brushes. I rang the doorbell and Christopher answered. He seemed surprised that someone was there. I introduced myself as Charlie White, said that his mother had order some brushes and I'd come to deliver them. The whole set up seemed hokey to me and I was sure he'd slam the door in my face. Instead he smiled and let me in. We sat down in the living room. I immediately heard Hassan say, "Send him PUL. Now!" I did and did so several times afterward. I wasn't sure what to do next. Then I found myself saying that I needed to use the phone to call my office about a problem that had developed. While I making up a bogus phone conversation about "the Staten Island rep", I kept beaming PUL into Christopher. He seemed to become more aware and lucid.

    I finished the "conversation", hung up and started talking to Christopher. He told me that he was a fireman and that he'd been at the World Trade Center on 9/11 last year. I asked him questions about what it was like and what he'd experienced. He told me about only being with the Department for 8 months before that happened. I told him I was very impressed (and meant it).

    While were talked the doorbell kept ringing. Every once in a while Christopher would get up and answer the door, but nobody would be there. I saw the confused look on his face. I remembered how surprised he'd been when he saw me at the door. The suddenly I understood the mystery of the ringing doorbell (which I'd actually forgotten about before the retrieval). Everybody, including myself, assumed it was Christopher's spirit ringing the bell. But it was the Helpers who were ringing tit trying to get his attention! But because he was Earth plane focused, when he answered the door he couldn't see or hear them.

    At one point Christopher told me that he'd broken up with his girlfriend a few months before. He said they'd been talking about marriage but decided they weren't compatible. Actually, what I got was that she decided they were incompatible and broke it off. I was also really nervous because Angelica did not tell me about a girlfriend or fiancÚ. I hoped I wasn't making it up.

    After a few more exchanges Hassan instructed me to tell Christopher the truth about his situation. Christopher wore a plaid flannel shirt, like the kind lumberjacks wear. I got the idea to pretend that he had lint all over his shirt. I got out a brush and started brushing off his shirt. But I knew that what I was really doing was rearranging his energy field so that he'd be more amenable to what I was going to say.

    I linked our heart centers and sent him a steady stream of PUL. Then I sat down and told him that it had been over a year since 9/11 occurred. He was shocked. I told him that both towers collapsed and that he'd died along with 3,000 other people. I explained that he'd drifted to his home in Queens rather than home to the soul plane. That was why his parents didn't notice him. (At that point Christopher told me that oddly they did talk to him while they were asleep and that he'd been wondering why they'd talk then and not when he was awake.)

    The doorbell rang again. I smiled and told Christopher he should answer the door. I smiled because I knew that he'd see the Helpers now. Christopher was surprised to see some of his buddies standing there in firemen's gear. There was a fire truck parked outside in the driveway. He hopped in and they took off.

    Hassan said I was done. But I asked if we could follow them for a while. We both materialized in the back of the fire truck. Chris was so involved talking to his friends he didn't even notice me. I sat next to a dark haired man who thanked me for being part of the retrieval. He said it meant a lot to him. I think he might have been a colleague who'd died along with him on 9/11.

    The truck was on its way to Focus 27. After a few seconds it didn't seem necessary for me to stay. I was truly finished. Hassan and I returned to my place on Focus 27.

    Well, today I spoke to Angelica and told her my experiences. I was able to get corroboration on three things.

    1. Seventies haircut and blonde hair. Apparently he wore his hair in this style and his hair was blonde. I described the style, right down to the part in the middle, which Angelica validated. I also told her about the shifts. She said he always wore his hair in that style and never colored his hair. That was when I wondered if the shifts had to do with fluctuations on my inner sensing when I first entered the scene. You see, when I first saw the haircut and the hair color, I started doubting what I was seeing. That was when the fluctuations occurred.

    2. Broke up with girlfriend a few months before. Angelica was shocked since she knew she hadn't told me about the girlfriend. This is what she told me: apparently they'd been going out for 11 years (with a few short break ups in between). Prior to his joining the Fire Department, they were talking about getting married. The girlfriend was a nurse and felt that Christopher could do better than be a fireman. But he didn't want to change careers. She felt, because of his refusal to leave the Fire Department, that they were incompatible and the relationship broke up two months before he died. But Angelica confirmed that although it ended up being a mutual decision, it was really the girlfriend who initiated the break up. She was the one who felt they were incompatible. Christopher apparently went along with it. 3. Flannel/Plaid shirt. Apparently Christopher loved to wear "lumberjack" type shirts and wore them a lot. The fact that I saw this also made a deep impression on my co-worker.

    Bruce talks about getting verification and this is the first time I've been able to get any. Well, I'm still in shock. Surprised. Happy. And ecstatic really that I got three major hits, particularly the part about the girlfriend. So I guess the belief system crash is next! LOL!! Love and light,


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    That's the March 2003 Workshop Newsletter. I hope to hear from those of you interested in hosting a workshop and look forward to meeting some of you in person at a workshop soon.


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