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What They Are Saying About This Workshop

Read "The Friday Harbor Workshop" by participant, Ginny.

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Read "The Story of the Oakland Workshop" by participant, Joe Meboe.

Joe's workshop in Seattle. I just wanted to thank Bruce for a great workshop that ended tonight. It was easy to follow Bruce in connecting to my first rescue without the questions on am I'm "doing it" right. Events flowed and moved quickly with great results! What wonderful people to share with. Please, if you have not gone to Bruce's workshop, make the time to go. You will have fun while helping yourself and others! Thanks again Bruce!

Joe's workshop in Seattle. Many thanks to Bruce, Joe and everyone at the Seattle workshop for an incredible weekend. Just to be around a group of people so open to this topic was one of the best parts for me, I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest.
Saturday we discussed affirmations and placing intent. Bruce explained to think carefully about the wording of any affirmations, and with retrievals on the schedule for Sunday I sat in my hotel room Saturday night thinking about placing intent for the following day. Finally I decided on the wording, and said "I want to have an experience that will challenge my beliefs about my ability to explore the afterlife", then placed the intent. I must say I felt a little corny sitting in my hotel room talking to myself.
Anyway, the first two retreival exercises were great although not verifable, which is something I definitely need to help remove my doubt. Then during the last exercise someone else in the class contacted my grandmother and scored about a 95% on the accuracy scale. Remarkable.
OK, my point...I placed my intent and got exactly what I wanted, just not at all the way I thought it would happen. The direct experience of being able to verify information from someone else hit me from left field, just what I needed. Thanks again to Bruce and everyone.

Joe's workshop in Seattle. It was... lots of learning and healing took place. I know for a fact that for myself, there was some healing done. I'm still re-intergrating some part of this workshop. Sunday afternoon/night was where I lost it for a while, and started crying and cry again on the way to the hotel..and yesterday also, thinking about the workshop..and all the love/pain/let go energy that was around. AND BRUCE IS A FANTASTIQUE LECTURER..:) AND THANKS AGAIN BRUCE FOR THE WONDERFUL SEMINAR, WILL NEVER FORGET THAT WEEKEND..:)

Joe's workshop in Seattle. This workshop was terrific. I went away profoundly moved. In part because of the outstanding presentation and material Bruce brings to this work. The second part, and I think every bit as important, is what happened off the ‘tape’. All of the conversations and stories that everyone shared during the breaks continually blew me away. I wished that I could hear all of them and savor their truth, honesty, trust, and Love.
I have much more to share about my actual experiences during the workshop and will continue to as I am able. For now, I would just like to say a big thank you to Bruce, Joe, your family, and all of the people who came together and shared this brief moment in time.

The Lillian, Alabama workshop was a marvellous experience. Great to have met ya'll, and all the other participants. And, of course, great to have met Bruce! I was impressed by how he was "one of us" instead of some guru gifted beyond our wildest dreams - that made him so very accessible (of course, he may be a "helper" in disguise...). Everything he taught in the workshop was easily do-able, and readily applicable beyond the immediate focus of the workshop. Before the workshop I'd tried retrievals on my own with limited success - at the workshop I had several retrievals, but even more to the point, after the workshop I'm now able to easily do retrievals. I've done three since the workshop. I love doing this stuff! I couldn't have spent my time or money on anything I value more that what I got out of Bruce's workshop.

On Dec. 8th through the 10th, my husband Rog and i attended Bruce's Lillian, AL workshop. Initially Rog had intended to just drive me to the workshop, and hang out at the surrounding beaches during the time that i was at the workshop...but after listening to Bruce's free introductory Friday evening presentation, Rog was "hooked" and signed up for the entire weekend. Now..just as a little background...Rog is an accountant who has never read one metaphysical book nor attended one "spiritual" workshop, whatsoever, prior to Bruce's workshop!!! And guess what?? By just learning the method of the retrieval process, and following the steps as taught by Bruce in the workshop, Rog then experienced two wonderful and SUCCESSFUL retrievals!!!! (about which he was completely overwhelmed and thrilled!!) Later on I plan to post one of his retrieval experiences, as well as one of mine...but for right now, Rog just wanted me to say to everyone that if he could do a retrieval, then anyone else in the world could do one, also!!!!!! And, Bruce, this comment is for you....What an AWESOME workshop experience we both had with you, and WE TRULY DO LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!! thanks for everything... love, Rog and Ronnie

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Bruce for the wonderful workshop in Winter Haven, Fla. It was very insightful and reinforced my newly accepted feelings about life and the afterlife. It was rewarding and all there appreciated the time you spent, the effort put into the program outline and your sharing your experiences with us. I would recommend to anyone here who is in need of a bit of self introspective and who has an interest in helping others to try to attend one of these workshops when you can. Thanks again, Bruce, for being "for real". Great weekend and great folks to spend it with!

Just a short note to express my thanks to everyone at the Afterlife workshop just completed in Lillian, Alabama. It was a great program and meeting Bruce and the others there was super. I will post a little from time to time of the retreival experiences I had and some other things that happened. When meeting Bruce, it was like a reunion of old friends. I am still floating on an energy cloud of love and joy.

I was at the Winter Haven workshop and as Cheryl said we all seemed to "recognize" each other on some level. The class seemed to come together immediately. I did 3 retrievals. The first was a woman in Morocco who had fallen off a roof, the second a woman who had drowned, and the third was a monk or priest who had transcribed rare documents and seemed to have died in his sleep. Bruce sort of primed the pump for us with preliminary exercises so by the time we got to retrievals it went smoothly. Not everyone sees or feels in the same way and Bruce was encouraging during our retelling of our experiences. It's easier than I thought it would be. Bruce is a very calm through it all. At lunch we all gathered around tables under a shade tree and enjoyed further informal discussion with Bruce. If you like Bruce's books, and his comments on this website you would certainly come away from his workshop with renewed enthusiasm for retrieval work.

If you have read Bruce's books, I am experiencing much of what he did in his early days during and following his visit to TMI. Somewhere you feel you have made it up and somewhere you know it is real. I feel my experiences were real. My first attempt at retrieval was what I would term "blind" as I continued the exercise even thought I didn't get a clear perception of what was happening, but I definitely felt something going on. Just near the end I caught a glimpse of the little girl I was helping to retrieve. There were two others, one a man from Chicago(I think)stuck in a coal mine, the other an elderly woman who just continued to work in her flower garden after death, unaware that other things awaited her. Was it like walking out of my home and into another tangible place? No. Was it real? It sure felt real. I know I will continue to explore and help with retrievals. No help can be bad. The one experience I had that I am certain was real was contact with my cousin, whom I mentioned here awhile back died of a recent drug overdose. I was very concerned about her after death state due to the violent circumstances of her death. Once I had a glimpse of a garden while thinking of her, but nothing else. Well during the workshop we had a conversation with someone who was no longer living on earth. I spoke with her and I know it was she. She assured me I couldn't have stopped her from her path and to please tell her family it was not their fault and to stop feeling guilty. She also said she was somewhere where she was learning right now. I asked questions about my Mom which she answered. Then we said goodbye but agreed to speak again. Was it "real"? As I search for truth in this earthly life of mine, I am only certain of one thing. All that I ever perceived as real is as fragile as a butterflies wings and all that I deemed impossible is within our grasp if only we have the courage to try. I will keep trying. I have never felt such a calm inside(if you knew me you would know how great that is). And the best part is that whatever we experienced, Bruce helped us to look at it, accept it for what it could be, no matter how small or elaborate. There was no standard of what was supposed to happen or not happen. I believe that is why we were as successful as we were.

Bruce, I want to thank you for sharing the benefits of your learning curve with all of us at the Winter Haven workshop. It has certainly given me some confidence to proceed and I feel so much more a part of the BIG picture because of it...your approach and the concrete information you provide are vital tools that we all need to know about...thanks again. I wished your workshop had been available before Lifelines. It would have certainly enriched that experience for me..without a doubt.

While the TMI courses can't be beat for "learning" Focus levels and establishing concrete ways to acheive precise altered state of consciousness - Bruce's workshop teaches the most effective method I have ever seen for accessing "Afterlife" (maybe more precisely, non-physical life?) connections. I watched many folks this weekend have very powerful experiences - with no need to "know" how to get to Focus 10 or 12 or whatever, or even get out of their chair. If you get a chance to attend one of Bruce's future workshops, DO IT! Even if you don't contact "Grandma", you will gain some valuable skills - and perhaps learn more about yourself.

Today I met Mr Bruce Moen. He is what he says he is - a normal human being with normal human interests. He doesn't see ghosts nor does he claim to have out of body experiences or anything else extraordinary. He is an articulate man who has the unique ability to communicate at many levels. He has a genuine interest in people and their experiences. He's not a " money man ". He thrives on personal experience in developing broadened perceptional skills. I purchased his 3rd book today and I hope I can learn something from his experiences - as I will now try and learn from all experiences I encounter. My life is about to take a corner in yet another crossroad and I couldn't be happier !!!

I just wanted to mention that a positive effect I took from the workshop was the deep relaxing breathing and energy gathering breathing that we did. When I first went to the workshop I was a very shallow breather, have been all my life. I have always been fairly excitable, quick to get uptight in a tense situation and tire easily. Since the workshop I have begun meditation, chakra work and some yoga, all requiring deep breathing. It was the energy gathering breathing especially that has been most beneficial as I believe in the power of projecting positive energy and love. I have seen it work most recently with a relative of a good friend of mine. She was very near to death and the doctors feel it was the prayer and positive energy of those that cared so much that saved her. Since the workshop my breathing is deeper which gives me more energy in general and breathing clears my head and can take away that panicky feeling you get in a tense situation. Thanks Bruce for the techniques. It even can help with insomnia. When those times hit that my mind is racing and my allergy pills torment me to wakefullness, I lie there and begin to breathe and as in meditation I count the in and out breaths and before you know it I am sound asleep. I hope it can help others as well. I haven't done any retrievals that I am consciously aware of but I still have those dreams of strangers and of scenes being played out with folks I have never seen before in this life, but seem to know intimately in the dreams.