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Afterlife Knowledge Retrieval Archive

This page contains accounts of retrievals originally posted on the Website Forum. They are archived here as reference material for those interested in learning more about what retrievals are, how they are done, and some of the implications of doing them.

Information gathered via contact and communication with the deceased during some of these retrievals have been verified as real.

It's my hope that as you read some of these accounts you'll be inspired to learn the art of retrieval. In my view there is no better way for any of us to prove to ourselves that the Afterlife exists then through our own, direct experience.

As posted originally on the Conversation Board some of these accounts were responded to by other Conversation Board visitors. When these responses appear to be relevant to the original post they are included in this archive. These accounts are listed generally in the order in which they were posted with the newest ones at the top of the list.

To read an archived retrieval account just click on the link for that account below.

Thread Title Brief Retrieval Description
Friday Harbor Retrieval #3

Jeff's continuing accounts of retrievals using on the Friday Harbor, Workshops LIVE audiotapes to learn the techniques.

Retrieving an Aspect of Self

This retriever had to change his appearance to that of a little girl to be able to communicate with and retrieve an Aspect of Self a little boy.

Working with Harry in another retrieval

Harry's training as a Helper, with Ginny's assistance, continues.

Friday Harbor Tape Retrieval #2

Jeff's second retrieval using the Workshops LIVE audiotapes reveals a "trick of the trade" that Helpers use in their retrieval work, projecting aspects of themselves into the scene. Very interesting.

Friday Harbor Tape Retrieval #1

Using the Workshops LIVE audiotapes Jeff experiences a retrieval of a woman from Peru. The Helper appears in tribal custom familiar and comforting to the deceased.

Shot at the wall

A man who died by firing squad thinks he's still alive, terrified and waiting to be killed. This account describes what I call, delivering Boost, Love energy flowing through us from others to assist in a retrieval.

A Retrieval

A woman who was stuck after death, trying to find where her baby had been buried, is retrieved.

Imagination working overtime?

An explorer's intent to be of service to those stuck after death, by feeling and sending Love, leads to flowers sprouting in a dungeon.

A healing through the workshop tapes

Using Pure Unconditional Love exercise on the Friday Harbor set of Workshops LIVE audiotapes leads to a healing of old wounds.

Reluctant Retrieval

Jeff, after having oral surgery, is in no mood to be doing a retrieval. Yet that's exactly the experience he finds himself in!

Retrieval From BST Beneath WTC

A retrieval account at the World Trade Center.

First Contact

An explorer has a healing contact with her deceased husband.

A partnered visit to the Homeless City

Two explorers, Dora and Ginny, use the Partnered Exploration technique to visit and explore within the Belief System Territories. Both explorer's independant accounts are given in this fascinating report.

First time it was "real" for me

Using Pure Unconditional Love, imagination and placing intent leads to a convincing retrieval experience.

Meeting w/ aspect and Harry's training

Ginny meets with an aspect of self. Plus, more of her continuing interaction with Harry Cheevers, a deceased friend who is a Helper-in-training.

Retrieval with a possible intriguing connection

Did this retrieval begin with images while approaching sleep the night before?

Second retrieval report

An explorer's second retrieval using a set of Workshops LIVE audiotapes.

Success with Moen technique!

Using the concept of imagination being the means of perception results in a visit with Lilli, the deceased daughter of this explorer.

Retrieval the other day...

A retrieval that began during a dream.

Retrieving the Homeless & Earth Changes

The beginning of the Homeless Shelter in a BST thread and information from beyond Focus 27 about the Earth Changes.

Dora's boss contact is verified

In an earlier account Dora contacted a deceased, previous employer and sought to verify it. Here's the verification of her contact through a message to the deceased man's daughter!

First conscious retrival

James is using the Home Study Course and here is his first conscious retrieval.

Starting to get results

Pres is learning the Art of Retrieval using only a set of Workshops LIVE audiotapes, and doing very well indeed!

A visit to the BST and more...Part 1 & 2

Ginny uses Heart Intelligence to explore another BST.

Retrieval Contact Last night/this morning

A haunted house?

A partnered retrieval with Harry

Another in the Series of Ginny's accounts of contact with Harry Cheevers. This time Harry, a Helper-in-training, is evidently learning about retrievals from Ginny.

Dora & Ginny's Partnered Exploration with verification.

This account is a great example of using Partnered Exploration to obtain verification.

Reunion & aspect retrieval

Rob retrieves an Aspect of Self

Retreival and meeting with Harry

Ginny's continuing contact with Harry Cheevers and a visit to the Hall of Remembering.

Partnered exploration working

Alysia's successful partnered exploration session with Linn.

Another Trip Beyond

Ginny's continuing account of contact and communication with 'Other Intelligences.' Insights into using State Specific Memory to recall more of our experiences.

Retrieval from a hanging

A Native American woman, locked in grief and shock at the site of a hanging, is retrieved.

Retrievals in Afghanistand

TMIGrad uses a magic carpet "trick" in a retrieval from an Afgani prison camp.

First time visit to the Planning Center and the BST

Exploration of the Planning Center in Focus 27, and a BST called, Punishment.

Retrieval of Sam Collins

Ginny finds Sam in a carnival scene. She also describes experiencing strong emotion she knows is really Sam's.

Follow up on boss retrieval..

In this continuing account Dora finds a possible way to approach verification of her boss's retrieval.

Partially verified retrieval

Dora unexpectedly encounters a former employer in the Afterlife. This account is the first in a series of posts by Dora about this retrieval and ultimate validation of the entire experience.

The continuing story of Harry Cheevers.

An earlier account described Ginny's retrieval of a man she knew when he was physically alive, Harry Cheevers. In this account she makes contact with Harry again, and learns what he has been doing since his retrieval.

Nov.12.: two retrieval attempts

Retrieval attempts at the site of a New York plane crash.

Another trip beyond

An interesting account of continued exploration of nonhuman intelligences.

Retrieving is never boring

Retrieval from an afterlife junkyard.

Partnered Exploration valadation

Validation of contact with the deceased.

A purgatory in the BST

A visit and communication within a religious belief system territory.

Middle east retrieval

Retrieval of a Taliban Soldier

Update on the firemen from WTC

Update from a previous retrieval.

Another trip beyond & Focus 23

A visit with nonhuman intelligences & a retrieval.

3rd Trip Beyond Focus 27

Ginny intends to take a break from exploring and do some retrievals in Focus 23 or the Belief System Territories. The Helper she meets at the Crystal Circle has other plans.

2nd Trip Beyond Focus 27

Ginny continues exploring beyond Focus 27 and interacting with Beings there.

The 3D Blackness & Exploring Beyond Focus 27

Using techniques she learned in the Friday Harbor, WA workshop, Ginny begins exploring beyond Focus 27. She also describes the 3D Blackness and how she uses its portals to go places.

War camp in the BST

A visit to a training camp in Afghanistan?

Retrieval in Afghanistan

A woman is retrieved in Afganistan after America begins bombing in Oct. 2001

Deaf Retrieval

This is the first report of a retrieval by a person who is deaf. It illustrates that language is not a barrier to afterlife communication. The Retriever describes her experience of communication at the site of an airplane crash in the Florida Everglades. A fascinating read.

Retrieval of Zed

A old prospector is retrieved with a promise from a Helper of a better area to pan gold. The Retriever does this one in a new way, and is learning more about using PUL in this work.

More BST Retrievals

In this retrieval account PUL is used to help a woman leave a Belief System Territory area of hatred attack and revenge. PUL is used to assist a man on a train to realize he is in the Afterlife he doesn't believe exists.

For Ginny and other retrievers of the flights...

A WTC airplane retrieval with verification? A Retriever finds a little girl who was aboard one of the aircraft that crashed into the WTC. She gets a shock when another Conversation Board visitor leads her to a newspaper photo of a little girl who died in the crash.

A Retieval

This retrieval account took place online in a chatroom.

Retrieving an Aspect of Self

In a followup post Doug discusses what happened when he went back to explore more about his retrieval of an aspect of self exercise.

Retrieval of One's Self

Someone who had never attended Bruce's workshop used the Worshops LIVE audio tapes available for purchase at the website as a home study course. In doing the Retrieval of an Aspect of Self exercise on those tapes, he encountered and retrieved a part of himself.

Yesterday's Retrievals

Someone who must have read about Bruce's Magic Flying Carpet rides in his second book used the technique for retrievals at the World Trade Center after the attack.

WTC- desperately need contact

A friend of someone killed in the World Trade Center attack asks for help.

Sunday Morning

Someone doing retrievals at the World Trade Center describes an improved, faster technique she's discovered to get to that location.

Send PUL to those trapped in hate

In this extraordinary account of a visit to the Belief Systems Territories in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Retriever is guided by Helpers to send PUL into what appears to be a hell. This post also recounts retrieval a little girl who may have been onboard one of the aircraft used in the terrorist attack.

Magic Carpet Retrievals

A Retriever uses the Magic Flying Carpet for retrievals at the World Trade Center. Upon arrival some who have been retrieved ask that Jesus come.

New York

The Retriever describes the "flight" of souls up out of the debris of the World Trade Center. She also describes using the "seeing it not there" technique, and using a Love energy probe used to locate people trapped in the debris.

Last Nite's Retrievals

The Retriever describes the emotional difficulty of working at the World Trade Center site, and seeing lines of the deceased moving through the scene. These lines of people are mentioned in many of the accounts of Retrievers assisting at the site.

Rescue at WTC

A novice does retrievals at the World Trade Center. Also refers seeing lines of people.

Shell Shocked

On this Retriever's third visit to assist those killed at the World Trade Center she worked with people on the aircraft as well as at the building site.

Subways, Buses and Cabs

In one of Bruce's visits to the World Trade Center site he explores how Helpers are dealing with retrieval of such a large number of people dying at once. Helpers give him a tour, showing him several of the thought form environments they've created to ease the people's transition into the Afterlife.

NY Retrieval

In this account the Retriever describes lines of people who appear to be sleepwaking, and working with other Helpers behind a refreshment stand. One of those she retrieved refused to believe he was injured and was led to a waiting Yellow Cab. She also describes retrivals of people trapped under the rubble of the buildings.

Helping Today

After a number of World Trade Center Retrievers commented on the difficulties of working within the emotional energies of the site, Bruce offers some tips to limit the effects of those energies.

My First Attempt

A Retriever who attended the Payson, AZ workshop describes her first attempts of retrievals at the World Trade Center. She describes seeing lines of people and the difficulty of working within the emotionally charged site.

Chatting with Dad's Spirit

While freshening her tan at the pool this Retriever describes a visit with her father who's been deceased for six years.


It took two trips to retrieve a man who appears to have died about 2,000 years ago. In this account we get a good feel for how Helpers assist us in retrievals.

Rescue of Miners

A Retriever who recently attended The Monroe Institute's Guidelines program read an article in the newspaper about a mine disaster after he returned home. During his retrieval of miners killed in the disaster he gathered much detailed information, including names of the deceased miners.

My Visit in the BST (long)

Retrievals in the Belief Systems Territories (BST) were something Bruce believed were difficult or impossible for us physically living humans. This as a result of taking on that belief during his early years of retrieval training. In this account the Retriever is clearly working within the BST and retrieves a monk from what he has decided this can't be the real Heaven he's in.

Relaying a Retrieval experience at the Lillian, AL Workshop

The husband of this Retriever had accompanied her to the workshop but had no intention of attending. After hearing Bruce's public talk the night before the workshop he changed his mind. This retrieval account, by a total noice in the field of metaphysics perhaps demonstrates just how easy it is to learn the art of retrieval.

Cheryl's Retrieval at the NC Workshop

This retrieval account has many interesting elements and lots of potentially verifiable information. It may point to a connection between the Retriever and her now deceased husband in a previous lifetime.

Unexpected Visit during the Getting a Message Exercise

At the Asheville, NC workshop Cheryl participated in the Getting a Message Exercise. She had drawn the name of a deceased person, submitted by another participant. But, none of the information she obtained during her visit with a deceased boy matched with that name. Instead, the deceased son of a former neighbor chose to visit with Cheryl. She was later able to verify as accurate much of the information the deceased boy gave her during the exercise after contacting the boy's mother.

Another Retrieval

After connecting with a Helper who turns out to be the Retriever's deceased grandmother, a murdered young woman is taken to the Reception Center.

Focus 23 and BST Retrieval

Two retrievals in this account, one of a man who died while climbing a mountain, and another who felt unworthy to move on.

Retrieval from a Hollow Heaven

In this account the Retriever makes more than one trip into a Hollow Heaven within the Belief Systems Territories (BST) to retrieve a young woman. This account gives much insight into who people are stuck within the BST. It also demonstrates the power of sending Pure Unconditional Love in BST retrievals.

BST Jailhouse Retrieval

The Retriever finds herself in a Belief System Territories (BST) jail and retrieves several young men incarcated the with an offer of cigarettes.

Concentration Camp Retrieval

A woman trapped by her feelings of guilt and responsibility for the death of her children in a BST World War II concentration camp is retrieved.

BST Retrieval, Mountain Cottage

The Retriever shares her insights into differences between Focus 23 and BST retrievals.

Buddhist Monk Retrieval?

A Buddhist monk appearantly gets bored in his BST, afterlife garden. This account gives more insight into BST existence.

Addiction BST Retrieval

The Retiever visits a deceased relative in a BST environment that supports her physical lifetime addiction. With the assistance of a Helper the relative leaves this place for a better one.

Retrieval in a Jungle

This account gives insight into cross cultural retievals, and some of the many forms the Reception Center can take.

Self Retieval?

In this account the Retriever is led to what may be an Aspect of self needing retrieval.